“Do not worry about what other people think of you. The work I am doing in you is hidden at first. But eventually blossoms will burst forth, and abundant fruit will be borne. Stay on the path of Life with Me. Trust Me wholeheartedly, letting My Spirit fill you with Joy and Peace.”

– Galatians 5:22-23

Blanket Statement


This is our blanket-our quilt.  Both sides are really beautiful for different reasons.  What you are looking at is the smooooth side.  I was folding this up the other day and it got me thinking-how vital this blanket is to our family.  It is so full of love in every way.  It wraps me up while I’m reading to my kids or watching TV before bed.  It swaddles up my very tall husband when he ultimately falls asleep on the couch.  I lay it down on our living room floor for my 6 month old to comfortably role around on.  It’s been used for making forts, ghosts and playing hide and seek with.  It could not be more loved!  The best part is that it was made by my husband’s great grandma and finished by his great aunt.  History fills its every fiber-family lives within its creases-it will be loved for a very long time to come.

Health Check

Alllllright- not doing so bad.  Even though I’m familiar, I refreshed myself on the superfoods and so enlisted a few of those to be apart of my healthy day today.  I started off by eating a big ol’ avocado(superfood!).  Tasted good-next time I will sprinkle a bit of pepper onto it.  I had a few bites of the kids’ leftover bananas and a cup of black coffee.  Then for lunch I had a spoonful of peanut butter(I am a bit obsessed with peanut butter), and I made myself a creation; I chopped up some carrots, pickles, garlic(superfood!), black beans(superfood!), and tossed it all in with my scrambled eggs.  I then heated up some small corn tortillas and spooned the mixture between them-adding a bit of ketchup to it.  Not bad.

Basically, I also need to start working out again-getting my strength back but find myself pretty tired right now-mid afternoon is tough.  Two out of the three kids usually take a nice nap now.  I hit my wall-being up a few times in the night with e and then getting up early with her, I’m pretty tired.  So instead of turning on a Tabata workout from YouTube I am writing this while my oldest watches “Coraline”.  I like this time but it does nothing for my muscles:)  Maybe tomorrow…

Moms Don’t Sit

All three of my little darling dears are/were tongue-tied.  They tell us it’s hereditary but both my husband and I weren’t so some great-uncle or great-aunt back in the day must have been…because all three of my babes were extremely tongue tied!  Wowzers.  But…because all three kids, blessedly, had no trouble nursing we didn’t do the “cut”.  This special little laser cut that takes care of it lickity split, quite literally, when they are newborns.  No anesthesia needed-no nothin.  Well-fast forward now to when C is 5 and her gums are receding because her little tongue is pulling them away from her teeth, c is having speech issues which may or may not be because of his tongue-tiededness and e is still young enough that we have no idea what little issue might be in store for her some day so mine as well snip it now.  So we made the appointment to have the surgery and every time we spoke with a nurse the surprised, “All three”?! could be heard over the phone.  They would all have to go under and each receive one little stitch under their tongues.  As you can guess, the thought of all of my children going under in one day made my stomach lurch a bit.  But it’s standard, as they say.  Still-didn’t feel great.  We made it to the surgery day with no one being sick, an amazing feat really.  Everyone was excited and nervous.  My oldest couldn’t contain herself-she was super excited-which made me smile and hurt my heart all at the same time.

Everything went smoothly but as they took my 5 month old, e, in her little gown down the hall my heart ached and raced.  I simply could not sit down.  Pacing the floor in our little room seemed to be a requirement as well as somehow my way of “helping” the situation, ensuring the success of the surgery.  My husband was sitting on the bed with the two older kiddos.  I stared at them all and knew I couldn’t possibly sit down in the chair next to the bed-no way-that would mean somehow that I wasn’t keeping things under control!  Ok, child number 1 did great and was in recovery-child number 2 is on his way.  I wave and commence my standing, pacing, non sitting.  Child number 2 is a success, comes back in tears and needing of hugs but all went well.  Child number 3 excitedly exits the room to the smiles of the entire staff-what a kid.  Still, I cannot sit-I won’t!  I’m holding it all together!  They send e in for a much-needed feeding and so, I must, finally take a seat.  It feels strange as if I’m giving up but then child number 3 comes out just fine and so I take a deep breath, exhale and lovingly continue to nurse e, snipped tongue and all.

Miss Feelin’ It

I miss feeling strong.  Physically strong.  I have always been athletic and into sports.  I played softball, soccer, fastpitch, danceteam, swimming and a little bit of rugby.  I started young and continued through college.  I loved it all-the teamwork, the pushing, the strength, that “badass” feeling.  After college I turned to working out at the gym, running, swimming laps; never as fun as playing sports but still it always felt good.  Since having my babies, though,  it has been  hard to find the time,the energy,the anything to work out.  I snag a walk with the stroller from time to time.  I swim laps when I can make it work.  I miss feeling strong.  For the first time in my life I feel pretty weak and let’s just say, I hate it.  I’m jiggly and jello-ey and not thrilled about it.  I really noticed it today when I struggled to carry my littlest lady in the carseat.  Given, yes, those carseats are amazingly awkward but boy oh boy I had, like, no muscle left in my arms!  For the first time EVER I felt it in my ever day life.  And so, I am going on an adventure- a strength-finding, health filled adventure.  I have been lacking in will power lately BUT NO MORE!  I will use this blog as my venting, my inspiration, my truth and my nitty gritty.  It will all come out here!  So come along with me-join me to find what makes you feel good!

Fancy Fish

image.jpegI have recently given up meat.  I was never a big fan and finally just said, the heck with it! It feels refreshing and healthy.  And so begins my fish forward quest- looks like the perfect beginning to my journey👍🏻