Human behavior intrigues me to no end.  The good, the bad and all the stuff in between.  I like to observe it and note it-not putting it always in a category or line of judgement-just observe and note.


As I was driving with the kids today on a country road(I live near lots now-oh we moved did I forget to mention!) I was going about 5 under the speed limit, my littlest was napping and I wanted the ride to last as long as possible.  There was a younger gentlemen waiting to turn left.  He needed me to pass in order for him to do this- he must have not liked how “slow” I was going because when I passed he flipped me the bird…real quick and real violently, as if to only do it for himself and not necessarily for me to catch.  But I did catch it and it made me smile in a surprised and shocked sort of way.

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