Blanket Statement


This is our blanket-our quilt.  Both sides are really beautiful for different reasons.  What you are looking at is the smooooth side.  I was folding this up the other day and it got me thinking-how vital this blanket is to our family.  It is so full of love in every way.  It wraps me up while I’m reading to my kids or watching TV before bed.  It swaddles up my very tall husband when he ultimately falls asleep on the couch.  I lay it down on our living room floor for my 6 month old to comfortably role around on.  It’s been used for making forts, ghosts and playing hide and seek with.  It could not be more loved!  The best part is that it was made by my husband’s great grandma and finished by his great aunt.  History fills its every fiber-family lives within its creases-it will be loved for a very long time to come.

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