Moms Don’t Sit

All three of my little darling dears are/were tongue-tied.  They tell us it’s hereditary but both my husband and I weren’t so some great-uncle or great-aunt back in the day must have been…because all three of my babes were extremely tongue tied!  Wowzers.  But…because all three kids, blessedly, had no trouble nursing we didn’t do the “cut”.  This special little laser cut that takes care of it lickity split, quite literally, when they are newborns.  No anesthesia needed-no nothin.  Well-fast forward now to when C is 5 and her gums are receding because her little tongue is pulling them away from her teeth, c is having speech issues which may or may not be because of his tongue-tiededness and e is still young enough that we have no idea what little issue might be in store for her some day so mine as well snip it now.  So we made the appointment to have the surgery and every time we spoke with a nurse the surprised, “All three”?! could be heard over the phone.  They would all have to go under and each receive one little stitch under their tongues.  As you can guess, the thought of all of my children going under in one day made my stomach lurch a bit.  But it’s standard, as they say.  Still-didn’t feel great.  We made it to the surgery day with no one being sick, an amazing feat really.  Everyone was excited and nervous.  My oldest couldn’t contain herself-she was super excited-which made me smile and hurt my heart all at the same time.

Everything went smoothly but as they took my 5 month old, e, in her little gown down the hall my heart ached and raced.  I simply could not sit down.  Pacing the floor in our little room seemed to be a requirement as well as somehow my way of “helping” the situation, ensuring the success of the surgery.  My husband was sitting on the bed with the two older kiddos.  I stared at them all and knew I couldn’t possibly sit down in the chair next to the bed-no way-that would mean somehow that I wasn’t keeping things under control!  Ok, child number 1 did great and was in recovery-child number 2 is on his way.  I wave and commence my standing, pacing, non sitting.  Child number 2 is a success, comes back in tears and needing of hugs but all went well.  Child number 3 excitedly exits the room to the smiles of the entire staff-what a kid.  Still, I cannot sit-I won’t!  I’m holding it all together!  They send e in for a much-needed feeding and so, I must, finally take a seat.  It feels strange as if I’m giving up but then child number 3 comes out just fine and so I take a deep breath, exhale and lovingly continue to nurse e, snipped tongue and all.

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