Miss Feelin’ It

I miss feeling strong.  Physically strong.  I have always been athletic and into sports.  I played softball, soccer, fastpitch, danceteam, swimming and a little bit of rugby.  I started young and continued through college.  I loved it all-the teamwork, the pushing, the strength, that “badass” feeling.  After college I turned to working out at the gym, running, swimming laps; never as fun as playing sports but still it always felt good.  Since having my babies, though,  it has been  hard to find the time,the energy,the anything to work out.  I snag a walk with the stroller from time to time.  I swim laps when I can make it work.  I miss feeling strong.  For the first time in my life I feel pretty weak and let’s just say, I hate it.  I’m jiggly and jello-ey and not thrilled about it.  I really noticed it today when I struggled to carry my littlest lady in the carseat.  Given, yes, those carseats are amazingly awkward but boy oh boy I had, like, no muscle left in my arms!  For the first time EVER I felt it in my ever day life.  And so, I am going on an adventure- a strength-finding, health filled adventure.  I have been lacking in will power lately BUT NO MORE!  I will use this blog as my venting, my inspiration, my truth and my nitty gritty.  It will all come out here!  So come along with me-join me to find what makes you feel good!

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