Health Check

Alllllright- not doing so bad.  Even though I’m familiar, I refreshed myself on the superfoods and so enlisted a few of those to be apart of my healthy day today.  I started off by eating a big ol’ avocado(superfood!).  Tasted good-next time I will sprinkle a bit of pepper onto it.  I had a few bites of the kids’ leftover bananas and a cup of black coffee.  Then for lunch I had a spoonful of peanut butter(I am a bit obsessed with peanut butter), and I made myself a creation; I chopped up some carrots, pickles, garlic(superfood!), black beans(superfood!), and tossed it all in with my scrambled eggs.  I then heated up some small corn tortillas and spooned the mixture between them-adding a bit of ketchup to it.  Not bad.

Basically, I also need to start working out again-getting my strength back but find myself pretty tired right now-mid afternoon is tough.  Two out of the three kids usually take a nice nap now.  I hit my wall-being up a few times in the night with e and then getting up early with her, I’m pretty tired.  So instead of turning on a Tabata workout from YouTube I am writing this while my oldest watches “Coraline”.  I like this time but it does nothing for my muscles:)  Maybe tomorrow…

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