They say that you change constantly- forever changing, every second.  You are not the same person you were yesterday and you will change yet again tomorrow.  I love this.  Often times I feel like nothing will ever change-I reference who I used to be; a personality trait, a belief, an action, and I feel it holding me back at times-dictating who I am in this moment.  But it’s all false.  I do not have to react the same today as I did yesterday.  I have to remember this when it comes to others as well.  I sometimes feel like I know how my husband will respond to certain instances because of past experiences-this can be binding and dangerous and toxic.  Truth is-I don’t know how things will go down, turn out, come to be.  I can just let them happen and be a part of what comes my way.  This,my friends, is freedom.  Try it next time…you might be pleasantly surprised.



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