Heroes and Villains

“Be a hero, not a villain”.  This has become my motto.  My kids lately have really been into the superhero thing-my kids are little so what they know of superheroes comes from books, costumes, shirts with attached capes and us parents explaining all the different superhero powers that comes with each, hero.  They are fascinated, just riveted by these superhuman beings that do good and save the world from destruction and villains. It got me thinking though-there are real life superheroes and real life villains all around us in this world and it seems, especially lately, that each side is emerging more than ever.  I thought it only right to explain to my doe eyed little ones that the superheroes in books and comics are pretty fun but the real life heroes are where it’s at; firefighters, police officers, good Samaritans, nurses, mothers, doctors, teachers…the list goes on and on.  And I find myself frustrated and saddened by the real life villains, ever so present in this world-in my naive manner I want to calmly tell the them, “Be a hero… not a villain”.  If only it could be that simple.  But I feel like perhaps this simple little saying will stick with my kids-and when faced with the choice between good and evil, in whichever form, they will remember my words;  “Be a hero, not a villain”.



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