Everything feels wrong… I have been saying this lately and not quite sure what it means.  Not sure what feels wrong or how or with whom…but it does.  Saying this blanket statement out loud somehow makes it feel less wrong.  My father-in-law died last weekend and I’m sure that is a big part of this wrong feeling.  He has been sick most of his life ,being dealt the hand of juvenile diabetes.  It ravished his body in almost every way and yet he lived far beyond the years the doctors initially gave him back when he was young.  As of late he has been in and out of the hospital with one thing or another but always bouncing back as best he could, keeping, as always, a jovial and positive outlook on things.

He got to meet his third grandchild before he passed-our daughter was born the day he took the fall that would eventually take him to Heaven.  A bittersweet time.  A surreal time.  A time filled with many emotions.  He will be missed.

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