Plans are a funny thing.  I feel like when you most try and plan is when those plans get completely obliterated(I love that word).  We have been renovating our attic-something that had to be kicked into high gear once we found out I was pregnant with number 3.  It is almost done but there is lots yet to finish-also the baby will be here on Friday.  It’s ok that the attic is not quite finished-we will manage but of course there is a certain amount of stress resting on everyone’s shoulders and we all deal with it in different ways.  My husband, who is a bit of a perfectionist, had a plan for these past few days to work in the attic as much as possible.  Well… God had other plans.  He got a pretty bad cold and had to rest most of yesterday, which in the long run is much better so he can actually get healthy to work today.  Well, then my father in law was visiting and had a few health issues and had to be taken to the ER by my husband where I’m sure they will spend most of the day.  I believe it is God’s way of saying, hang on here, you are not in control and you need to let go a little bit.  Health and family are far more important than walls and paint so slow down and take care of what needs to be taken care of.

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