We need a bit more of it…I believe it helps keep me and the kids sane and on the right track.  But of course, like anything, it takes a concerted effort-one that can easily fall by the wayside.  I want to treat our days more like school actually.  It also helps for me to write down the schedule so that I can feel like we have a focus, a drive, a purpose for our day.  For instance, this morning started out fine-a bit listless as usual and I stared into the day with somewhat vacant eyes.  And then God snapped me out of it and I got the structured idea.  I jumped right in.  First, we got out a blanket, laid it out on the living room floor, grabbed the stack of puzzles from the kids’ room, spread them out on the blanket and had ourselves a puzzle time.  The kids did really well.  It was successful for all-something about the blanket gave it so much more purpose.  The kids focused better, didn’t fight as much and I felt like I was accomplishing something.  We finished up and then moved on to craft time.  I laid out the plastic covering for the dining room table, grabbed the play dough for c and the legos for C and I got them started on their crafts while I tried to finish up the dishes.  We made it all the way through and again the kids were a bit more focused and less fighty.  Cleaned that up and moved on to music/instrument time.  I once again smoothed out our blanket, grabbed all of our instruments from around the house, sat down and cranked up some ACDC.  The kids were so excited!  C made herself her own stage and started dancing and singing while c grabbed the guitar and jammed.  I myself had a good time drumming on the drum.  Even though c’s attention span is shorter because he’s only 2 it seemed to help just to have an activity to start and then he would move on to his trucks or something but because we were busy he seemed to be able to play on his own better while still checking in with what we were doing.  Then it was time to make lunch-I decided to make an eggbake- so while Campbell continued to play on her own c sat on the counter and “helped” me cook.

It all felt great.  I hope to continue this as I have some more ideas to add to the schedule.  I will even be using a dry erase board to write down the day’s activities.  Obviously this may not be for everybody and of course there will be days that are more free flowing but just to have this idea of more structure keeps my ambition and mind feeling better than it’s felt in a while.


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