I am daydreaming.  I am daydreaming about wine, coffee, my old clothes.  I am daydreaming about losing weight and seeing my usual reflection in the mirror again.  I realize these things are all very superficial but I am missing those things as I enter the last four weeks of my third pregnancy.  I’m just going to pour out the vanity here because well I need to.  It makes me feel human and something other than a mother for one second.  I want to eat super healthy and lose the weight quickly.  I want to wear cute clothes and feel good about my appearance again.  I want to buy new clothes even, from this new website I found that literally has all and anything I like.  I want to unwind a bit at the end of the evening with a glass of white wine and perk up with a cup of coffee in the morning.

I know all of this will pale when the baby finally does come because I will be all about baby…but I feel like I need to hold on to some of it so that I don’t completely lose myself.

Just breath… just be…

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