Just takes an outing.  Sometimes all you need is to get out of the house.  This morning my mind was swirling with things that were bothering me-things that didn’t feel right-things that others were not doing and I couldn’t escape it.  It swarmed me like a mob of angry bees and buzzed around me without relinquish.  Those bees just picked up speed until I almost didn’t know they were there anymore-they just made me feel angry and scarily normal.  Then my friend, who also has two kids, asked me to meet them at the library.  The bees dissipated.  It was only for an hour but when the kids and I returned home everything looked and felt different.  The house didn’t look as messy, the kids weren’t fighting each other as much, the day looked brighter and I wanted to love my husband more and blame less.  And. I. thank. God.



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