There are certain things in this world that can really irritate me, small things, every day things that I let bother me way too much.  It’s like a cyclone sucking me in and twisting me around and I just can’t break free-and the more I turn the more I turn, and the more I turn the more I get caught and the force of it all becomes overwhelming and too big for me to handle… and anyone near my cyclone gets either sucked in alongside me or gets crushed along the way.

I want to stop this.  The other day I just sort of decided that it is quite possible for me to just, view the world differently.  What if I choose to not let these things bother me?  I’m not saying neglect or ignore these things, just don’t let them disrupt my day.  I know it’s easier said than done but what if, what if it’s not?  What if I could live my life without these small silly things that eat away at me?  Perhaps I could actually learn to live without it-and breath easier.  So I’m going to make a list right now of the things that bother me that need to stop bothering me.  If I can just look at this list perhaps I can choose to not let them rule my life anymore.  It might be the most freeing thing I ever do.

  1.  Crumbs on the dining room and kitchen floor.
  2. Dirty dishes
  3. Kids getting messy while they eat
  4. When my husband’s on his phone
  5. Money spent on coffee or eating out.
  6. Sick people out in public-worrying about catching it

I will add to this list but for now it’s a start.  I am done holding my tiny little cup up against the raging tidal wave coming my way-enough…enough now.


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