Health is an amazing, wonderful, overlooked thing.  We all got the flu over the New Years holiday.  First the kids were stricken by it…so quickly actually that we were prone to think that it was food poisoning.  No other symptoms accompanied our dear little ones besides the frightening puking that took place.  My daughter suffered from it all night long and was beside herself with fright.  As an adult you just know, you just know that feeling.  That completely icky feeling that comes on right before it all happens and you know it’s coming.  My poor little dear experienced that wretched feeling for the first time in her life and she was none to happy, and I don’t blame her a bit.  My husband and I spent our first true night cleaning up and helping our children through it all-not getting any sleep ourselves.  Then two days later we were both hit with it-amazing how you can watch a bug just blaze it’s way through your family with such force.  Ours took a little longer to pass and boy was it unpleasant.  But today, finally, we are all feeling better.  What a blessing!  Seriously, we all feel like we could take on the world.  Health is an amazing thing!  When you lose it and then find it again it truly feels like the best day of your life.  I happily got off my butt and took a shower, put on some make-up and nicer clothes.  I felt like tackling the tasks that had all gotten thrown by the wayside and I feel a sense of merriment while I accomplish those tasks.  Ahhh–feels so good.  Thank you God for our renewed health!Unknown-1.jpeg

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