My List

Certain small things make me very happy.  But I can lose track of them easily, which usually can send me into a glum mood.  Yes, I have the wonderful obvious that bring joy; God, my children, my husband, my life overall.  Those I am and will forever be thankful for and cherish.  But… there are the day to day things, things that make me independently, me.  I need to explain.  I recently made a mindful list of these things that make me glow and it all makes sense.  If I can fit these things into my day, deliberately, I am a better human for it.  Once again coming back to that idea that we truly have to decide to be happy and reach for the things that get us there, however small.  What are my things you ask?  Here goes:

Writing, crocheting, baking, looking through home improvement magazines, baking magazines, listening to good music, singing, praying.

This wonderful little list may seem trivial but it is huge for my overall wellbeing and state of mind.  Even with two little kids and one on the way I have to remember to include these events within my every day.


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