My children are true extensions of myself.  I envision my hands growing right into theirs-finger tips to finger tips…

My husband took the kids the other day to visit his Dad in Wisconsin, only for the day.  It’s a long trip though so they left early and got home late.  I had to work in the morning so I did not go.  When I first heard of the plan I admit I was pretty excited to basically have a day to myself.  Wow… I merrily worked in the morning, went to Jimmy John’s for lunch(took my time), listened to loud music in the car, went to the yarn store, went to Target and then got myself a pedicure(I can no longer comfortably reach my toes being almost 30 weeks pregnant).  It was bliss…just bliss.  I went home and turned on a silly comedy while I crocheted the rest of the day away.  I made it a point to not do the dishes, to not do the laundry, to not organize toys.

Rewind:  As I was hugging my little loves goodbye and waving to them from the window as they left for their trip I was gripped with sadness and fear.  “What if there is a terrible accident and I never see them again”?  What would I do without them?  I would not be able to breath, to live if anything happened.  As tears streamed down my face I felt almost silly-one day away and I almost can’t bear it.  My little loves, my little extensions…  I suppose that is what it means to be a Mama.



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