Winter is Coming

Well hi.  How is everyone doing out there?  I have been busy, sort of. Being a stay at home mom is an interesting mixture of constantly going and bone gripping monotony.  But, I am pregnant and due soon.  This third babe will be arriving at the end of February.  She is a girl and we are thrilled.  I am big-I am feelin’ it-it’s the third trimester.  Breath.  Sort of hard to breath.

We are in the midst of remodeling our attic and it’s great actually.  The construction doesn’t bother me one bit.  Yes it’s messy, yes it’s loud…but it means that we will soon have more room for our family.  It’s actually happening and we are so thankful.


Hehee…ok so maybe this picture doesn’t portray the correct scale of work being done to our house…but I thought it was neat, anyways:)


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