Mommy Patience

Sometimes I am blessed with oodles of it and other days I am scraping the bottom of the barrel for it.  On those lovely days where I possess it I feel wonderful.  The day with the kids is spent doing regular things that I find fun again.  We laugh, we pretend, we play with toys and puzzles.  We eat meals at the table, and instead of getting upset when the crumbs hit the floor or the juice spills all over, I am able to smile it off.  I clean it up and we move on.  These are truly blessed days and I thank God for giving them to me.

I hope you can find your Mommy, Daddy, or person patience today.  Most things are not tragedies.  Most things are going to be okay.  Attitudes can be shifted, adjusted and smiles can be applied.  Enjoy what you can when you can!


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