Good or bad, there are always changes.  Usually the “bad” changes turn out to be good ones in the end.  Actually those are my favorite kind.  God’s work.  I love figuring out why something seemingly bad shape shifts itself into something for good.  For instance, my ear.  I have something called cochlear meniere’s disease.  Basically I randomly will lose my hearing in my right ear.  Not only do I lose it, sounds sound and feel awful.  It’s like sound gets stuck inside of my ear and bounces around causing it to feel like the sound is pulsating and hurting.  I’m still trying to figure it all out and there is no cure-there is only treatment.  I am upset about it.  But then I try to find a positive spin.  People deal with all sorts of things-ailments-why shouldn’t I have this to overcome.  People overcome things all the time and they are better for it.  In a strange way it makes me happier because I have to try harder and appreciate other things around me.  Don’t get me wrong-I want my hearing back.  I hope this time around it comes back…I hope and I pray.


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