It’s 3 and I know Where My Children Are

It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I don’t know what to do.  I know where my children are and I’m all out of ideas.  We aren’t out and about because the kids are still a bit sick.  We did what we could this morning, went to Target and the bakery.  We tried for a walk, got drenched, coughed a lot and came in.  We have played everything, with and without me.  We have read books, watched some tv, ate food, took a bath, listened to music, sang Frozen, organized crafts, colored pictures, and sang songs.  I have a hard time with this part.  The kids sometimes have a hard time playing on their own because honestly I have always played with them.  Partly that’s just me, partly it’s guilt, partly I don’t always have anything else to do.  Well I do have stuff to do but when I try to crochet my little c grabs at it.  When I try to play my uke, same story.  I like being busy, I prefer it actually.  I am always curious as to how other people spend their days.  I often feel like I’m missing something, or not doing something.  I like being out and about.  I love going on long drives and have, most times, brought the kids along “to see the world” as I call it.  They are usually game.  I come home refreshed and feeling good.

I don’t want to sound complainey- I know many parents would do anything to have more time with their children, to have “nothing to do.”  I just struggle with it at times.  Again, it must be the cabin fever typing this.  Cabin fever has overstayed his welcome and I’m trying to shew him out the door.  Slimy little bugger.


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