Ach Ja!

We are sick.  The kids are sick and it has been quite a doozy this time around.  I took c to the children’s museum last week to dissipate the cabin fever.  Well wasn’t I smug… that lovely outing most likely contributed to c getting really, really sick and us having to be at home for a week straight with the only outings being to the doctor’s office.  And now c is finally feeling better and C has caught it and is super sick.  Ach ja!!  It’s been tough.  Rough on them, of course, those sweet little ones with coughs sounding like an old man smoker and droopy faces filled with exhaustion and heat from high fevers.  Not a lot of sleep for anyone and too much time watching tv and not wanting to eat.  Runny noses and sore throats.  Health is a beautiful and often overlooked state of being.  We forget about it until it’s gone.  Well I know one thing that has to happen once this squirmy evil little sick bug finally packs it’s bags and takes leave of us-my husband and I are going out on a date!  I’m talking showering, putting on nice clothes and make-up(well just me), stepping outside into the fresh air and being amongst the people… hopefully the non sick kind;)Unknown


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