Different Temperaments

My daughter the creator.  My daughter the thinker, the maker, the engineer, the artist.  She creates amazing things.  C utilizes all and any piece of anything she can find around the house to create absolute masterpieces.  And I mean that.  They are beautiful, interesting and often very symmetrical.  She takes great pride in her work.  It amazes me.  IMG_6393

My son the destroyer.  My son the sensitive, goofy, reckless, tosser of all and any thing. A boy who wants to be near his sister constantly and with that, constantly is destroying her projects.  He’s young so only part of him knows what he is doing, the other part just wants to play with her.

So what do I do?  On the one hand it’s got to be unbelievably frustrating and annoying for C.  She gets very upset, which I can understand.  On the other hand she has to learn to play with him, she has to understand that things are going to get knocked down, and life has to go on.

It’s been very hard lately and I feel a little bit frustrated myself.  Hopefully the warm weather will come sooner than later so that we can go play in the dirt or something.


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