Iceberg-Dead Ahead!

The kids and I traveled to Wisconsin this past weekend to visit my folks.  Like I have mentioned before, they live on Lake Michigan.  It’s always lovely to visit.  The kids adore them, they adore the kids and I get a few minutes to myself.  Plus it’s always fun to visit the old stomping grounds of my youth.  I get to see my fav cousin, who is planning her wedding.  I will be the matron of honor.  So funny– Matron.  Not used to hearing that term but I guess since I’m already married that’s what I am called.  Sounds so old-fashioned.  Oh well:)

Anyways…this is what we saw as we were approaching my parents’ house.


Wow huh?  It looks like an iceberg out of the Arctic.  My Dad, c and myself had to get out and take some pictures, walk around, join the other people taking pictures and gawking at this awesome sight.  It’s so fun when events like this happens.  It brings people together, that common curiosity thread that holds onto us all.  Some people were daring, and in my opinion silly enough, to walk out onto the icy snow near the big icebergs.  Growing up near the lake we were always told to never, ever walk out onto the snowy ice as it can be very deceiving.  It’s not stable everywhere and you could easily fall through.  It’s beautiful but should be respected.  That’s my lesson for today!

Here’s one more picture of c traversing the frozen tundra.  Brrrr!


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