My Vacation

I took one day off from washing dishes.  We don’t own a dishwasher.  It would be nice to have one but I’m used to not having one.  We didn’t have one growing up and I never really had one when I went out on my own.  It’s fine.  But… boy do those dishes pile up when you have little ones.  Not sure how it happens.  One minute there are none and the next minute…FullSizeRender

Hard to believe isn’t it?  That’s only from one day of not doing dishes!  Taking a picture of it and sharing it with you makes it comical and not so daunting.  Ah well, such is life.   So if  you have a dishwasher out there, give it a little pat for me.  And if that dishwasher happens to be a human, take that dishwasher out for dinner… oh and wrap up some nice hand lotion too.:)

“Calgon, take me away!”

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