A Parent’s Valentine’s Day

We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day and I’m ok with that.  It has never really been my favorite.  Back when my hubs and I were dating we used to go bowling on Valentine’s Day-beer, bowling alley food, stinkily awesome shoes-we loved that it didn’t scream Valentine’s Day.  Now with the kids it actually is more fun.  I like making it special for them.  My husband and I might get each other fun little gifts but we don’t do anything grand.  Life is funny though.  Last night I had it in my mind that my husband would come home from work and we could enjoy some wine together, he could eat the steak I bought him and we could cuddle on the couch whilst watching a movie.  God had other plans.  Both kids woke up around 9pm with croup… yes croup.  An absolutely alarming sound was coming out of each of our little babes.  A combination bark/whistle sound.  It’s pretty scary actually-the gasping for breath.  The doctor said to sit with the kids in a steamy bathroom with the shower on hot to help with their breathing.  So there we were, the whole family, sitting in a steamy bathroom at 2am.  My husband and I, holding our little ones close, waiting for their breathing to be less labored.  I had to warmly smile…we are a family, a family full of love and we will make it through the storm, together.  I guess that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.images

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