Pretty Plate


This was my lunch today.  Yum yum, yummy, yum, yum.  A magazine article told me to add black pepper to my avocados…simple enough and yet so delicious.  Would have never thought of that on my own.  Also to your left is a wheat bagel with Amish made cream cheese, salmon(lox) and capers.  Absolute heaven.

When C was first born, our family living out in California sent us a box of amazing bagels, lox and capers.  I had never really eaten it before.  Growing up in Wisconsin doesn’t lend itself to that kind of dish, at least within our family.  Plus I do admit, first time you look at it, you think-really raw salmon-yick!  But I was daring and tried it and now it’s one of my favorite little meals.  My husband enjoys it as well.  I think, not only because it tastes divine, but also because it reminds us of that sweet time right after C was born.  All good things.  So if you haven’t yet tried this enticing little mixture of goodness, I suggest going out now and doing so.  As Daniel Tiger says, “Try it, you might like it!”


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