Purple Beer

We frequent Trader Joes, as I have mentioned in earlier posts.  I really enjoy grocery shopping there.  It’s warm and inviting, not too big and they make you feel good about what you are buying.  My daughter loves the little kid sized carts she gets to push around.  The staff is always friendly, especially to the kids and I appreciate their selection as well as their flowers.  Hehee, this sounds like an advertisement-oh well!  We usually go during the week.  As a stay at home mom I have the luxury of going during the day during the week when it’s not too chaotic.  But today…bum bum bummmmmm-we went.  It is Saturday.  It is the day before Superbowl Sunday.  It is the day before a huge snowstorm.  It is the day filled with tons of people, milling about with their carts, scattered, bustling, shopping cart traffic jams.  The kids loved it and for that I loved the kids:)  I don’t mind crowds either.  I like to sort of rise above the occasion and find the humor, comradery and humanity behind it all.  So we floated about finding what we needed, trying not to run into anyone, and keeping it together long enough for my little guy not to start crying.  He did great!  We got to the beer aisle and I said, “Hmm we should get something for Daddy for tomorrow.  What should we get?”, half talking to myself.  My daughter said, “Mama, there, get that beer for Daddy, it’s purple!  He will like purple beer!”  It made me laugh and it made me want to buy it for him, so I did.  And so, my darling husband will be sitting down to a darling shade of purple beer, while he watches the big game.  Gotta love it.


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