Our Weekend

This wonderfully strange weekend.  The kids went to grandma and grandpa’s up in Wisconsin for the weekend.  First time away for c.  It sounds like they are having a ball. I on the other hand am surprisingly conflicted.  Isn’t this what I pine for, day-dream about?  A little alone time, some free time to do what I please and go where I want when I feel like it, on my own, alone with my own thoughts, time with my husband.  And yet I miss them terribly.  I miss there rambuctiousness in the morning, their frequent smiles, their warm snuggles and their constant chatter( yes even that).  I miss touching their little hands and noses, talking silly and nonsensical.  I wonder now, how when I’m with them, I don’t gobble them up deliciously every single minute, lapping in our precious time together.  Ha… cause that’s how it goes.  When you’re in it you don’t always fully appreciate and the little things can start to frustrate you.  So this is good-this missing feeling-this, there is a piece of my heart missing right now, a hole.  This feeling teaches me the important stuff, how precious they are and our time together and how I need to remember this.  To love, to love continuously and unconditionally.



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