Coffee is such a thing

Coffee is really such a thing.  People meet to drink it, talk over it, brew it, grind it, mix it, “put it on”.  Coffee is invited to parties, funerals, church groups, support groups, breakfasts, brunches.  It sees people through important late night talks, decisions, term papers and all nighters.  You can put fun things in it like cold milk, flavored milk, soy milk, steamed milk, and sugar.  Coffee gets to hang out in various containers; sentimental “Best Dad Ever” mugs, college mugs, holiday mugs and to-go cups, mason jars, styrofoam and paper.  It brings people together, sip by sip, cup by cup, flavor by flavor.  It’s fun and delicious and simple.  It makes me happy.  It makes my husband happy.  It seems it will always be, and that is just fine with me:)

IMG_6113 IMG_6115

This fun little do-dad was a gift I found for my husband.  It is a combination coffee scoop and bag clip.  So cute and just so…coffee.


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