That’s my Mom


Yep, that’s my mom.  My amazing, compassionate, God driven mom who is on her third mission trip to Haiti.  That sweet little girl sitting next to her as well as the older boy to the left are both kids that my parents sponsor.  It is a wonderful thing, my mom, doing her mission work through her church.  It hasn’t always been this way.  In fact my mom’s first trip to Haiti didn’t happen until she was in her mid 50’s which I think is pretty amazing.  It has been encouraging for me to watch her change over the years.  We grew up Lutheran, Missouri Synod Lutheran, which if you know anything about that synod you know how strict it is.  No female pastors, no one is allowed to take communion if they are not specifically a Missouri Synod Lutheran.  Church services are routine, rote, and traditional.  I didn’t much mind it growing up because, well, that’s all I knew.  And there is part of it, to this day, that I am grateful for.  It gave me a very strong base, knowledge wise, about the Bible and it’s teachings.  When I left home and went off to college I began to see that there was a lot of world out there filled with different views, opinions, beliefs and people- I loved it.  My parents stayed on at the church, I think because it was comfortable, familiar and reliable.  But somewhere along the way my mom started to get restless.  She was looking to help the people more-get out there and do God’s work.  There was no room for that at that church (which seems counterproductive as far as being a Christian goes).  And then one Sunday my mom was to go to church on her own, which she rarely does, my dad was out-of-town.  She remembered hearing about a different Lutheran church in town, one that was not so strict, more liberal and hands on.  She went on a whim, and that whim turned out to be the best decision my mom could ever make, for her, my dad, their church and the little children of Haiti.  She is a force, my mom, a force filled with God’s presence and guiding Hand, and you can’t help but feel lucky to know her.

If you have ever thought of sponsoring a child, the organization that she works with, a truly great one, is called MissionE4.  Check out their website.

It’s worth it.


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