Walkin in a January Land

Took the kids out, finally, for a romp in the snow.  It has been so so cold that going out to play in the powdery white stuff really hasn’t been an option…but today I thought, yes, we must get out there.  It is a balmy 22 degrees, the sun is shining, no reason not to pull and push, wiggle and cajole my two sweet little chittlins into their many, many, many layers…two pairs of pants, shirts, sweatshirts, two pairs of socks, snow pants, jackets, scarves, hats, boots, two pairs of gloves(that won’t stay on) and hoods up!  Phew!!!


We decided to travel to The Grove.  It’s a wonderful place filled with walking trails, historic buildings, and a nature center inhabiting fish, turtles, snakes and lots of bug specimen.  The kids became experts in finding the patches of ice along the paths and pretended to skate, while I shuddered with fear every time one of them slipped and fell(c did hit his little head pretty good, don’t worry he’s a trooper!).  We greeted the fish and turtles with hello’s while grabbing a bit of warmth inside the center, and then it was time to go.  I don’t know why they make kid mittens/gloves that are short-why they don’t all go a bit further up their arms is beyond me-their little wrists are exposed and get full of snow!  That was the main reason we had to head out.  I did look online when we got home and found some mittens that do in fact go up the arm-Halleluia!  I purchased two right then and there.  Delightful!



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