I have this sort of strange affinity for shipwrecks.  Well, moreover, I love looking at images of old shipwrecks that either wash up to shore or are found in not so deep water.  They make me shutter, shiver and get this overwhelmingly delicious, strange feeling.  Those ships are so massive, so regal and so epic-not to mention eery, sad and filled with the voices of those who have perished onboard.  It’s haunting and intriguing.  I grew up in a town on Lake Michigan.  A famous sinking that occurred on our waters involved the Edmund Fitzgerald.  The Edmund Fitzgerald was a cargo ship 729 feet long.  It was built to carry iron ore.  The ship sank in 1975 and took with it 29 crew members.  There was a song written about it, disputes about why and how it sank, as well as the improper way that the families of the crew members were informed of its sinking.  A lot of history, speculation and trial encircle this great ship.  It lives on in the memories of many.  I wanted to include a few photos of some great shipwrecks, just in case you as well find it hauntingly interesting. images-1 images images-2


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