Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries

I decided, yesterday morning, to put my blueberries to good use.  They looked perfect and delicious when I first bought them.  I got them home, and was a bit disappointed to find they were a mush mess.  Hmmm, bummer.  I love to bake but with a very needy and lovey little 18 month year old running around it’s hard to remain in the kitchen for any actual amounts of time.  But yesterday, consumed by wintry cabin fever, I rolled up my sleeves, put my son in his tank (he’s like a little shark sometimes and so the little playpen we have has adopted the name, tank) and decided to bake a bread using those deceivingly mushy blueberries.  It came out beautifully!  My daughter, C, who is almost 4 wouldn’t eat it though-too spicy she claims:), my son, c, on the other hand couldn’t get enough.  I myself indulged in way too much yummy, squishy and blueberrie-ey bites.  Deeeeeelish!


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