I am feeling a flow of movement inside of my bones- beneath the surface of my skin.  My veins are flowing and every emotion spills along with them.  I am trying to listen, be, and envelop myself with this feeling.  God is here with me, always.  Breathing my breath into me-and because of my human nature I often find myself gasping for air, His air.  I am deeply moved by everything and find the hardest days to be when I feel numb.  I have so much to give- I pray that my purpose will start soon-beyond my beautiful family- I am ready and open.


Trump is the poison that will kill us all. The lethal injection that will have us screaming out for mercy. The hate that will only birth more hate. We have, as a nation, given him a pass to spout filth and ignorance, which in turn gives any and all persons a pass to pour that filth onto their neighbors, coworkers, and children. Just when we thought the grime was finally being scraped off-we placed the United States, ever so carelessly, back into a boiling pot of crap.
I am not proud to call Donald Trump president. When I teach my children about compassion, ethics, love and humanity I will have them look to him, Donald, Mr. Trump, our chosen President- and I will say- this man is the embodiment of all that you must never become. We do not make fun of disabled people, or hate those unlike us, or place an entire gender into a dirty, dingy locker room. That cannot be us. We have to do better-we are better.

“One nation,
under Trump,
with liberty and justice for one”.


Human behavior intrigues me to no end.  The good, the bad and all the stuff in between.  I like to observe it and note it-not putting it always in a category or line of judgement-just observe and note.


As I was driving with the kids today on a country road(I live near lots now-oh we moved did I forget to mention!) I was going about 5 under the speed limit, my littlest was napping and I wanted the ride to last as long as possible.  There was a younger gentlemen waiting to turn left.  He needed me to pass in order for him to do this- he must have not liked how “slow” I was going because when I passed he flipped me the bird…real quick and real violently, as if to only do it for himself and not necessarily for me to catch.  But I did catch it and it made me smile in a surprised and shocked sort of way.

Health-filled day

Today was great!  List of my foods today:  Azzzz follows:

Breakfast:  Banana and coffee(numerous cups but hey I have three little kids)

Snack:  Two squares of dark chocolate and 2 spoonfuls of almond butter

Lunch:  Wild Salmon with roasted mini potatoes(yummers!)

Snack:  Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds(two servings because they. are. the. best!)

Dinner:  Salad with tomatoes, carrots, raw almonds and parmesan cheese, carrots and hummus AND a white wine

I’m feeling healthy-I’m feeling good-Yippeeee!!




imageOk so I made a little tweak to my plan.  I  will eat foods with more than one ingredient but those ingredients will have to be all pronounceable, easily identified and healthy substances. Cuz really that’s the fun part- it’s like detective work-if I come across an ingredient I can’t pronounce or don’t recognize then-boom! Move along food.


imageMost foods have more than one ingredient which makes sense but is also a bit disheartening. This pic shows what I have consumed so far today keeping with my new guideline. It’s going to be tricky but I’m excited for the challenge. Gotta get to the store for some more one ingredient goodies!